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How to plant Daylily Plants

When your daylily plants arrive your first move is soak the daylily plants in water for an hour or two.
The soaking can be done while you are preparing the planting holes.
This water bath will help rehydrate your daylily plant after the days spent in a cardboard box.
Don't worry if your daylily plants show up a bit yellow.
They will green up quickly once out of the box, rehydrated and planted.
After the brief water soaking, you are ready to plant your daylily plants.

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Dig a hole a foot deep by a foot wide or wider depending on the daylily root size.
Place the removed soil on a tarp or cloth spread , mix the removed soil with an equal amount of compost soil or well rotted manure. Fill half to three quarters of the hole up with the mixed soil. Make a small soil mound in the center of the hole.
Place your daylily plant over the mound like a draped octopus sitting on the mound. Then you can fill in around your daylily plant making sure the daylily crown is one inch below the surrounding grade surface.
Water your daylily plant to settle it into the growing medium and to remove any air pockets around the roots.
A seasonal fertilizer that will feed your daylily plant for the whole year is recommended. Select Nutricote or Osmocote depending on your location and length of growing season. Osmocote (4) month for the northern locations and nutricote (9-12) month for the south. Only one or two tablespoons of seasonal fertilizer is needed per daylily plant. Read the package. This type of fertilizer is evenly released over several months by watering or rain water.
Cover the fresh soil with a pine/fir/spruce bark mulch or a wood chip product like Cyprus chips in south to deter weed growth. The sun shining on the freshly tilled soil will cause weed seeds to germinate.This layer of bark mulch slows down this weed germination process. The bark mulch also holds moisture longer during the summers dry times keeping your daylily plant lush and blooming well.

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